If you haven’t upgraded to 0.15.0 please read the upgrading guide.

Migrate to @makeswift/runtime/controls

This upgrade guide is only necessary if you’re using deprecated APIs from @makeswift/runtime/prop-controllers. If you’re not using these APIs, you can safely skip this upgrade guide.

In version 0.0.7, we introduced a new @makeswift/runtime/controls module that replaces the deprecated @makeswift/runtime/prop-controllers. To upgrade, you’ll need to update your components to use controls from the new module.

Updating Imports

For most controls, you can simply update the import statement. Here’s an example for migrating the RichText control:

- import { RichText } from '@makeswift/runtime/prop-controllers';
+ import { RichText } from '@makeswift/runtime/controls';

For detailed information on how to use each control, refer to the respective control’s documentation. For example, here’s the docs for the RichText control.

Special Cases

Some controls, like List and Shape, require additional changes beyond updating the import statement. When using these controls, you’ll also need to update the controls used to define their types.

Refer to the documentation for each control to see if any special migration steps are necessary.

Learn More

For more information about the available controls and how to use them, please refer to the controls documentation.